Welcome to our new web site!

New configuration, new look and new features. We hope you enjoy. We would like you to tell us what you think. Write to us everything that goes through your head so that we can continue to improve the site. Is there a lack of content? Would you like your league to be identified? Looking for […]


Wondering what Live Barn is? Listen to this little video: Subscribe now with this promo code (66f5-e2f2) and save 10% on the cost of the subscription. Here is a great opportunity to keep memories of games played on one of our four ice !

Sportplexe celebrating its 20th anniversary

The Pierrefonds Sportplexe was inaugurated at the end of 1997. Twenty years passed when citizens of the town of Pierrefonds, local recreation organizations and all players of all ages were able to enjoy these quality facilities. The Sportplexe was renovated in 2012 to stay on the cutting edge of trends and remain among the industry […]

Hockey Supremacy Express

Have you visited our new “proshop”? The guys from the Hockey Supremacy website (www.hockeysupremacy.com) have created a variation of their concept to open a new “proshop” at the height of the Sportplexe. Sharpening, gloves, sticks, skates, accessories, etc … Do you want it, here it is! They will offer you what you need before your […]