Sportplexe celebrating its 20th anniversary

The Pierrefonds Sportplexe was inaugurated at the end of 1997. Twenty years passed when citizens of the town of Pierrefonds, local recreation organizations and all players of all ages were able to enjoy these quality facilities. The Sportplexe was renovated in 2012 to stay on the cutting edge of trends and remain among the industry leaders. Over the years, there have been hundreds of regional, provincial, national and even international events taking place on the four ice surfaces of the complex. Did you know that despite the size of the building and the complexity of all the avant-garde systems installed, the Sportplexe was built in just 6 months?


So let’s all have a great party at Sportplexe Pierrefonds and wish us another twenty years!

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By pablo / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Mar 08, 2018